Hi! My name is Raghav Malhotra

I build things for web. I create beautiful Fullstack Responsive web Apps. Javascript is the weapon of my choice. I am skilled in NODE.js, REACT, and anything Javascript. I can also work with CSS and SCSS.

My Projects

Weather app

Fully responsive Weather Web-application. This app is written in vanilla javascript using Fetch API and Geolocation API to fetch users current location.


Instagram Bot

instagram-bot this python script returns list of the people on instagram that don't follow you back. Built using Selinium.


Photoshop clone (not really)

React app showcasing various CSS filters that can be applied on a image giving it a photoshop vibe. (works best on a Desktop)


About me

Aspiring Web-Dev from Ontario,

Cloud - Computing Graduate

Technology Enthusiast


programming_skills raghav_react

“If something can be written in javascript I will write it in javascript”

Contact me

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